Moving to Action

Funded Projects

  1. Maternal perceptions of opiate addiction and child development services
    • Funded by The Center for Research on Families (CRF) and the Healthy Development Initiative (HDI) at UMass Amherst and UMass Center at Springfield
    • Collaborators: Lili Peacock-Chambers (Baystate Health), Tinamarie Fioroni (Behavioral Health Network), and Mary Paterno (UMass)
    • Interviews with mothers to better understand continuity of services from the prenatal period through the first year after birth
  2. Postpartum Depression Prevention in Young Latina Mothers: A Digital Storytelling Intervention
    • Funded by DSI Grant at UMass Amherst
    • Collaborators: Joni Beck Brewer (Square One), Aline Gubrium (UMass), Sally Powers (UMass), Sarah Goff (Baystate), Nancy Byatt (UMass Medical)
  3. Adapting and Testing the Feasibility of a Prenatal Intervention for Low-Income Parents
    • Funded by Life Science Moment Fund of The Center for Clinical and Translational Science at UMass Medical School
    • Collaborators: Maureen Perry-Jenkins (UMass), Nancy Byatt (UMass Med), Sally Powers (UMass) and Joni Beck Brewer (Square One)


Projects in Development

  1. Implementation Project: Screening in Pediatric Practices
  2. Group Peer Support for Postpartum Depression (GPS4PPD): Comparing the Effectiveness of Usual Care for PPD to Usual Care Plus Group Peer Support
  3. Digital Storytelling: Preventing postpartum depression in young mothers through shared personal narratives